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Board & Commissions

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission exists to hear annexation issues and make recommendations to our fair City. The commission develops and carries out a continuing planning program for the physical, social, and economic growth of the City. They also take action on rezoning and amendment requests, preliminary and final subdivision requests, as well as home occupation and site plan submittals.

The commission consists of seven members who are nominated by City Council. To be eligible, one must be a City resident and can not serve more than six consecutive years. The term of office is three years and expires on July 1 of the third year.

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Building and Zoning Board of Appeals

The Building and Zoning Board of Appeals hears requests for appeals, special exceptions, and variances on issues pertaining to the City’s zoning ordinance. The board consists of seven members. Members are nominated and appointed by City Council into office. The term length is three years and the term will expire on July 1 of the third year. There are no term limits for the Building and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Election Commission

The Election Commission is responsible for certifying city elections held every two years. The Election Commission has three members that are nominated by City Council. The term length for this commission is four years. 

Tree Board

The City has been named a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation each year since 2006 and the Tree Board strives to conserve trees within the City. The board is also responsible for coordinating Arbor Day Activities. There are seven members of the Tree Board and all are nominated by City Council.


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