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Whether we were born here, relocated here, or just ended up here, home is a special place filled with interesting neighbor- hoods, great people, fabulous architecture (old and new), a multitude of  transportation options, sooth- ing green spaces, burgeoning nightlife.

Voted one one of the best places to live this year. We strive to keep our community as one of the leading areas. We all take great pride in our community and strive to keep our status as the best place to live. We often have community fundraisers and litter pick up walks all around the area.

But we also know that in a city our size, sometimes navigating the offices of Municipal government can be a little intimidating.

Chosen from 100 competing cities and counties nationwide, we had the honor in 1996 by the American Hiking Society as the runner-up for the first "best Trail Town, U.S.A. Award."  Our community has a network of 418 kilometers (259 miles) of hiking, biking, skiing and dog-mushing trails.

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