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As a resident, businessperson, tourist or visitor, you, your family and your colleagues will most certainly have an enjoyable experience with each visit to Gervais, whether meeting friends, touring a museum, seeing a concert or show, visiting an art exhibit, enjoying a sumptuous meal, participating in an eco-tour of the Susquehanna River, or learning about the rich and diverse history of this riverside community. Gervais offers it all to you:

A pedestrian and bicycle-friendly community, Gervais hosts a large number of award-winning and family-friendly international, national, regional and local events year-round. From the bustling downtown, through historic neighborhoods and City parks, to the banks of the expansive and beautiful Susquehanna River, the City buzzes with activities and events.

  • Dining at a variety of City restaurants, including Second Street’s Restaurant Row and SOMA (South of Market) sections of the City;
  • Relaxing in Gervais's numerous beautiful parks, including Wildwood Lake Nature Center, Riverfront Park, Italian Lake, and sports and recreation-centered City Island;
  • Listening and Dancing to top bands playing everything from classical jazz to hip-hop to rhythm and blues to Top 40 hits;
  • Exploring the numerous historically significant and architecturally unique venues in and around the City, including the stunning State Capitol Building and grounds;
  • Visiting our nationally-acclaimed museums, including the National Civil War Museum, Pennsylvania National Fire Museum, Pennsylvania State Museum & Archives and Susquehanna Art Museum;
  • Enjoying live theatrical and musical performances delivered by international, national and regional talent in beautiful settings throughout the City, from the extraordinary Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts to the bucolic and panoramic Reservoir Park;
  • Walking or bicycling comfortably through Gervais, while taking in historical, home, art, garden, ecological and architectural tours;
  • Reveling at the numerous and vibrant festivals, parades, concerts, street fairs and celebrations produced by the City of Gervais.
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