Public Works

Michael Lowe
Tania Pilkey
City Planner
David Harlow
Assistant City Planner

The Public Works Department

Housed in a 35,000 square foot facility that opened in 1994 at 650 Clearwater Road, the department is managed by a director, and is staffed with a City Planner, five mechanics, and 14 skilled laborers/drivers. The Public Works Department provides a wide variety of services including maintenance of 138 miles of roadway and 14 miles of alleys, which require paving, snow removal, storm sewer maintenance, street sweeping, leaf collection, and grass cutting along public rights-of-way, signage, and line painting. The department also provides building and park maintenance, and fleet maintenance for the City, School District’s buses, the Town of Gervais Municipal Authority, and the Volunteer Fire Department.

Please contact the Department of Public Works for removal of dead animals on City roadways. Contact the Gervais Game Commission at 888-888-8888 for dead deer.